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Sell A Business

ProAdvisors are a most ethical and professional brokerage firm that has national and global reach to buyers of all types. Our confidential marketing is conveyed by over 70% of key global databases, enabling exposure to virtually all potential buyers. Importantly, the initial information conveyed in our “teaser” marketing does not mention the name of the business or specific location.


Owners can be hurt if company employees find out that the business is being sold. We do not reveal the name, location or any confidential or sensitive information about the business unless and until a buyer prospect has signed a confidentiality agreement and submitted proof of finances and background. This ensures that buyer candidates only get information on a “need to know” basis.


We work with top-of-market sellers; we are selective and limit the number of clients, by design. This enables us to be “all-in” from the initial consultation through the business transfer. ProAdvisors work entails…


  • We perform exhaustive information gathering with the business owners and through research of pertinent market data. A market assessment is performed, either a Broker Opinion of Value or other valuation to enable a precise offering price and terms. This is crucial, not only to facilitate a sale but also to ensure SBA lender or other funding is possible.


  • We “professionally package” client’s business in a Confidential Offering Memorandum that distinguishes and elevates each business as special and “buttoned-up”. The COM contains all the information a buyer candidate is likely to need in order to make an offer to purchase. It also is a selling document, featuring the business in its best light.


  •  “Time kills deals”. So, our ProAdvisors intermediaries move the process along to help avoid sticking points in the process. We manage the entire sales process from beginning to end, working with buyers, lenders, legal and accounting professionals and escrow. We enable the owner to concentrate on the operation of the business.


  • We bring in Professional Partners that may assist the intermediary in providing necessary help in matters ranging from reconciling books and records, sale of non-performing stock and equipment, commercial leases and real property purchases and other matters.


  • Selling a business can be emotional for the Seller, which is understandable given the time, effort and investment over time. We will act on our client’s behalf to establish a strong negotiation position and secure the “best price” for the business. We are skilled in helping set offering prices at high Fair Market Value.

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