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Business Sales, Mergers & Valuations



ProAdvisors are members of the world’s largest communities of business intermediary specialists, which means that we are connected to hundreds of offices and thousands of other intermediaries. Importantly, we are members of the most important associations, listing services and networks that exist. Our scope and reach to buyers and sellers nationwide means more opportunities to complete a satisfactory deal faster.


Our methods, systems and expertise deliver much higher closing rates than industry averages. ProAdvisors promises the most professional, competent, hands-on advisory services for the sale of privately-held businesses.


When it comes time to sell, buy or value a business, choose to work with an experienced ProAdvisors professional who will guide you through every step of the process. We are Certified Business Intermediaries, Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisors, and Certified Valuation Analysts who have met the highest standards for education, ethics and performance in the industry.

Buy/Sell Business

Buy/Sell Business

ProAdvisors are a most ethical and professional brokerage firm that has national and global reach to buyers of all types. Our confidential marketing is conveyed by over 70% of key global databases, enabling exposure to virtually all potential buyers. ... more

The purpose of this service is to provide the business owner with an accurate assessment of the current state of the business, some challenges likely to be faced, and recommendations to improve business performance in order to ... more

What We Do

ProAdvisors searches can be local, regional or nationwide. We utilize a “team” approach that includes market research that identifies likely targets, mailing and phone direct contacts, with personal broker involvement from start ... more

We are a Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisor (CMAA). This designation is earned by rigorous course study and a background of achievement by former senior executives and business owners in a wide range of industries and professions. ... more

Over 80% of businesses available on the market today will never sell! The key reasons are over-pricing and unrealistic terms. Before going to market, it is a MUST that the business owner understands and accepts the role of Fair Market Value ... more

Buyer/Seller Search

Commercial R/E

Mergers / Valuations

“I would not hesitate to choose Richard Flask for any future business transactions. I have total confidence in his ability.”



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